Once you have decided to start a restaurant, you will have to comply with certain rules and regulations to getting started with your business. Coming to the permits, getting all the legal permits can be a headache and most people get intimidated by all the different kinds and back out of the business before even starting out. This article will elucidate on the major food permits and licenses you will require to start a restaurant in India. 

Business Registration:

Business must be registered as a ‘Pvt. Ltd’ or as a partnership company. It is basically a permit start your business.

Municipal Corporation Trade License:

It needs to be renewed every year and is issued for one financial year.


You will need a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India approval to run a food business.

GST Registration:

It is a state-specific registration and every restaurant should get their GSTIN.

Fire and Eating House License:

The fire department and police commissioner of the city gives out these permits. This is to ensure that your place has a safety standard in case of an emergency.

Apart from these, there are multiple other permits. Getting these permits before and while running the restaurant is not easy. But there is nothing to be worried about. You can always seek out help. SelectDine is a company that helps companies set up their restaurants. They also help you register for permits and licenses required to start a restaurant, and this is just part of the services that they offer.